October 25-26, 2014
Reggie's Live, Chicago, Illinois

SATURDAY: Spock's Beard, Bigelf, Cheer-Accident, Jolly, Presto Ballet,
Dream the Electric Sleep, Thank You Scientist, The Mercury Tree, Mano, Zip Tang, Riddle House

SUNDAY: Stick Men, Tu, Burnt Belief, Wertico, Cain & Gray, Scale the Summit, District 97,
Tiles, Adam Holzman, Fire Garden, Sonus Umbra, Pavlov, Hedgehog and the Fox

An Interview with Kevin Pollack,
Festival Promoter and Vocalist of Fire Garden
by Kris McCoy

KRIS: Hey, Kevin! Thanks for joining the Progtoberfest 2014 Guild. When I saw your comments the other day I knew you were the vocalist for Fire Garden, but I didn't know you were the festival promoter until I contacted Reggie's today. As a huge prog fan, I'm insanely excited about the show and tremendously grateful to you for setting it up. I've got a few questions and can only assume that other attendees have similar questions as well.

As a native Texan, I don't always get to see a lot of prog bands. Only the biggest names ever come through my state. I'm grateful to be at a place in my life now where I get to travel the world to see some amazing shows. Having said that, Progtoberfest is new for me. Is it an annual tradition? How did Progtoberfest come to be?

KEVIN: We're hoping after this year there will be many more Progtoberfests in the future! Progtoberfest came to be after I approached my boss Robby Glick at Reggies telling him we should do a progressive rock festival in Chicago here at Reggies and put Chicago on the map for a progressive rock city destination. I know a lot of progressive rock bands around the world so I contacted whoever Robby and I thought would be good bands to have at the festival, some old and some new. I always love discovering new bands and giving them the spotlight.

KRIS: There have been multiple schedules posted to the Reggie's website. Have there been changes in circumstance that require a revision or have you just come up with a better plan?

KEVIN: Richard Sinclair unfortunately had to drop out so we scattered out some of the bands to give them more time and have Cheer Accident headline in the Music Joint on Saturday instead.

KRIS: Looking at the bill, it feels like there is a difference of style between Saturday and Sunday. For example, there seems to be a lot of Chapman Stick on Sunday. Were the bands divided between the days intentionally or am I reading too much into it?

KEVIN: I divided them like that intentionally, since a lot of the artists seemed to fit together Saturday and Sunday.

KRIS: I'm hoping the BBQ buffet can live up to my high standards as a Texan. Can you give us any additional information about how the VIP perks will work, such as the buffet, meet & greet and reserved seating? Will all bands be participating in the meet & greets?

KEVIN: All the bands will be participating in the meet & greets. We're still working out the rest of the details at the moment.

KRIS: Will non-VIP ticket holders have opportunity to purchase food at the venue?


KRIS: Since this is such a long show, are "in and outs" allowed?


KRIS: What are the rules on cameras?

KEVIN: Cameras are allowed.

KRIS: Alright, last question. I can imagine how exciting it must be to put together a prog rock festival. Which bands are you most excited about securing for the bill?

KEVIN: I'm most excited about Spock's Beard and having my band Fire Garden debut our band live for the first time since our recent album release.

KRIS: Thanks so much for taking the time. I hope the festival is a huge success and that we get to do it every year.

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